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In Room Guest Journals (IN THEIR OWN WORDS)

In each room we have placed a "guestbook" / "journal" and a pen. Sounds simple enough, but they are an important part of our lodge. We understand that each guest comes to us as a stranger on their own journey. However, our ultimate goal is to make new friends!!! The purpose for our journals is to allow all guests / friends an opportunity to leave a little of themselves behind!!! Such as who you are??? Where you're from??? What you're thinking & feeling??? What brought you to Cedaredge, Co??? What lead you to our world at The Cedaredge Lodge??? What was your experience like while staying here at The Cedaredge Lodge??? Etc. Etc. Etc... The journals, or Guest Books as we like to call them, are making a wonderful record of each and every new friend to help us record and preserve the history of our Cedaredge Lodge…

Please feel free to add your thoughts and tidbits while you’re here, as well as reading the thoughts and feelings left behind by many of our past guests but now our new found "FRIENDS"...

Thank you to "ALL" for leaving a little piece of yourselves behind and for allowing us the opportunity to document and build such an unbeliveable collection of memories, we are truly humbled, honored & blessed!!!
Gary & Donna Allen...

Please feel free to read some of our many transcribed "Journal Entries" below, how very nice!!!

Journal Entries:


We stayed here 40 years ago. Grew up in Cedaredge - Quite a change, very nice!!!
Dyers (Vernal, Utah)

Donna & Gary, This has been so great. Last year was a dream come true but losing my husband just before was not allowing me to really get the sense of it all. Hope we can get back next year. When you meet someone and suddenly its as though you have known them all your life is how I feel about you both. You have listened and cared about us and I so appreciate you guys like you'll never know. So here is til we see each other again. May Jehovah bless all you do for all that pass this way. Love you, Pam...

My husband and two kids drove to Cedaredge from Grand Rapids, Michigan to visit my grandparents. The lodge is beautiful, friendly and comfortable. You are very nice people and helpful. My only complaint, which is very minor, would be that the bathroom is small. If we come back to the area we will definitely stay at the lodge. Thanks for everything!!!
Derk & Jenny Hendges (Wyoming, Michigan) :-)

Donna & Gary (my buddy:-)) Dad & I enjoyed our stay here @ the lodge. You have done a lot of work to the place & it looks great. Glad we came down off the Mesa early last night for the cookout food & company was great!!! I will be back sometime, with the wife this time. Maybe I will have more video of Shelby casting her fishing pole!!! Thank you for bringing the nice weather, fishing was great. Call me anytime if you need structual advice.
Mike Stein

Gary & Donna, This has been great!!! Thanks so much for everything!!! Staying here really made our trip... We love the outdoor kitchen!!! You guys are great!!! We will be back!!! Thanks again & take care!!!:-)
Grandpa (Wayne), Chris (#1 & #2), MaryLou, Dustin & Dylan (Albuqurque, New Mexico / Poulsbo, Washington & Mesquite, Nevada)

In all our travels we have NEVER felt so at home and welcome as we are here. You guys are AWESOME!!! We felt a kindred spirit and hope to see you again soon!!! :-) Take care my friends.
The Cahills (Richfield, Utah)

Donna & Gary, Enjoyed our talk, my hot tea & most of all the great hospitality and unique format of your great lodge.
Fred Hobbs (Denver, Colorado)

Had a great time here. Thank you for your great hospitality. It was a pleasure and we will be sure to come again next time we are in this part of the state. Until next time!!!
The Lyons Family (Chandler, Arizona)

Wonderful beds!!! Best so far on our trip. Thank you so much for the use of your outdoor kitchen. Our fresh catch of the day waqs delicious. Thank you for a very enjoyable stay!!!
Eileen Everett (Parker, Colorado)

Great place to relax after our motorcycle rides. Super people, thanks Gary & Donna.
Pat, Bill & Jamie

Donna & Gary, you are amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing what you have created.
Cara Hines

Thanks so much for the hospitality. You guys have done a great job here!!! Cedaredge needs more people like you!!!
Best - The Sivley's

Friends, brothers & sisters are found everywhere, and it is always a joy when you do, Thank you,
Tiffany, Lynn & Wayne

Thanks so much for the good food & enjoyable stay. We will be back again.
Paul, Stacie & Jordan Rhodes

It's always good coming home - now that you both are here!!! Family, food and fun (lots of fun) that's what life is all about!!! Thank you both for another AMAZING time. We can't wait to see you again.
Love The Doyle Family

Gary & Donna, The home we just sold had a waterfall & pond & slept to the same sound you gave us here!!! Was like being home - such peace in which to ponder purchase of our new home here and so many important decisions. Your kind hospitality is like a jewel. We'll see you again soon. God's richest blessings on you both and the business
Sam & Dee Goode

Gary & Donna, We love this place. It felt so comfortable from the beginning when we met George. The room was very comfortable but our favorite was the firepit, relaxing, sharing stories and the wine. You two are right where you're meant to be. We so appreciate your hearts. I am sure we will be back and can't wait for our return. If you ever come close to Louisville, Kentucky please call us. Come for Kentucky Derby... We'll share our home.
Be well, Sherry & Doris (Louisville, Kentucky)

Thanks again, good luck like always...
Jacque & Curt

Gary & Donna, We had an amazing time. Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality. Maybe we'll be neighbors soon... Thank you for the fire pit at night and the great breakfast in the morning. You are truly great people...
Your friends, The Noels: George, Misti, Peyton & Kennedy.

Dear Gary & Donna, Thank you for a great stay! Sorry we couldn't spend more time around the firepit, but we were always too tired from getting around your great area!!! The Mesa is fabulous and crane watching was fun and interesting. We met some wonderful new friends doing that. Thanks so much!!!
The Rays

Gary & Donna, Thanks for doing so much to make us comfortable. We really appreciate it and will be back the next time we're here. I can tell how much you care. Makes all the difference!!!
Sincerely, Tallie & Lewis

Mom & Dad, Thanks again!!! Third times a charm!!!
Jacque & Curt

Gary & Donna, Thank you so much for sharing yourselves personally and for sharing your place with us. We wish you only the best. We're glad you are here!!!
Good bless, Kris & Dave Bell

Thanks for everything you guys are great, I loved it here. I will be back. Great place.

Dear Cedaredge Lodge, Thank you for a delightful stay. Everything was great, especially your hospitality and pot luck. We are honored to be your first Nordic ski team to stay at your lodge. Best of luck in the coming year. Hopefully we will see you again next spring.
Sincerely: L. Abbott, USAFA Nordic, J. Laucher, & Dan (Colorado Springs, Co.)

WOW, what a change, you guys are doing a fantastic job. Really enjoyed our stay, can't wait to see the place next year. Thanks for everything.
John & Chance (Washington State)

We had a pleasant stay here while we visited family in this area and buried a respected member of this community.
Bob and Janice Grove & Mary Mary Hamilton from (Illinois)

Thank you for your help.
Curt & Jacque

Gary & Donna, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! No time to write much after our minor car clash with a motorcycle last night & a long way home to go! (Minor, meaning no one was seriously hurt.) We loved the room! God bless!
Pat Dobransky & Marie Prentiss

Thank you for a wonderful stay. Beautiful (clean) serene place. Best of luck. See you again.
Doug & Debbi Krause (Arvada, Co.)
Hello Doug & Debbi, Thank you both for giving Donna & I the opportunity to show off our little piece of "heaven on earth"... What really hit home for us was the fact you
that you two noticed how clean we keep our rooms and grounds!!! We really do take special pride in that fact!!! We clean the old fashioned way on, hands and knees!!! :-)
Thank you again for noticing!!! Gary & Donna Allen...

Gary & Donna, thank you so much for the great place to stay and especially the wonderful dinner the other evening. Donna loves the extra blankets they are so fuzzy & warm,
she was in heaven. We loved the backyard too!!! What a great place to relax. We'll be back!!! Merry & Donna (Salina, Kansas) P.S. Thanks for filling up the tire on the car...
WOW!!! Thank you very much Merry & Donna for your kind words as well as your true appreciation for our lodge!!! Oh, and the nice $20 gratuity wasn't bad either!!! On your
next visit I'll be sure to prepare you both a very special breakfast on the patio!!! Donna & I absolutely loved having you both here, just not long enough... Please travel safely
back to Kansas, and do drop us a line when you two arrive!!! :-)

Gary & Donna have to be the nicest most generous host, we love what Gary has done outside, we will be back!!! God bless you!!!
Greg & Machell (Arizona)
Thank you Greg & Machell for understanding and getting what it is that we do here at the lodge!!! You two really do get it!!! Thank you for that, it means a lot to Donna & I!!! :-)
P.S. When should I expect my custom carved art piece and where should we display it??? :-) Gary...

Thanks again for great hospitality!!! You are 2 great people. I'm sorry I missed out on so much the first time we were here. Thanks for taking care of Judy for me last time.
I still didn't get the bonfire or the singing so you owe me that next time... LOL... But really you are so kind and fun. Thanks for making our stay relaxing and fun. See ya again.
Debbie Graham & Judy Utter (Durango, Co.)
P.S. Will send the popcorn when we get back... :-) Happy thoughts!!!

Thank you it was fun!!!

Thanks for the makeshift diaper bags!!! :-)
The "3" Wiseman...

Another great stay!!! And two more reasons to visit my home town... You guys are wonderful and we look forward to seeing you next time!!!
The Doyle Zamarripa Family

Gary & Donna, thanks for a great stay. We really enjoyed ourselves, this is an amazing motel. The back resting place is really cool, and Cameran really enjoyed the treehouse
out back. We were very happy to stay at the Cedaredge Lodge. Thank you!!!
Felix, Stephanie G. & Cameran Eskridge (Denver, Co.)

Donna & Gary thanks so much for your hospitality and for providing a wonderful respite for our algae- collecting trip. For the scientists in the group and for those of us tagging
along, it was relaxing and fun all weekend. We will definitely be back!!! Thanks again...
carla, Pat & Michael Kocioleh

We picked a great place for our anniversary. We enjoyed our stay and will highly recommend to others!!! Thank you for the hospitality...
Don & Cindy Greenfield

Love the atmosphere!!! I could get use to this place. The sound of the water is a great way to fall asleep. Next time I plan to sit on your marvelous patio and sip on a glass
of wine, of course you'llbe joining me (us)... Looking forward to that next time.
Karen (Loveland, Co.)

Great place to stay, very relaxing!!!

I am writing on this sunny beautiful day in Feb. As I look out onto the hills and mountains, I see and smell the beauty of Colorado. I have been traveling for a few weeks now
and enjoy seeing all the sights, sounds and smell. I am honored to be here as part of my journey. It is a great day and great things will be happening for me. When I write
I feel good and good things come my way. My name is John, and as I sign off I'm looking forward to the great day ahead of me.

Great place & great people!!! We loved it & we'll be back!!! Thanks!!! We need to stay longer and I'll recommend others do the same on my website / blog...
Steve Morris & Tipper (Denver, Co.)

Gary & Donna as usual you guys are great!!! Thanks for everything, we'll see you next month!!!
Susan B. (Denver, Co.)

Gary & Donna, we have been on the road for 2500 miles so far and this was the best stop we've made for lodging. You have been great hosts, more than generous and we
really appreciate your down to earth attitude. Keep up the great job and best of luck with your very cool motel. Oh, thanks for the encouraging us to stay last nite!!!
P.S. Blast to the past... Rick (Mason, Az.) Tim (Scottsdale, Az.) & Garry (Sierra Vista, Ca.)

Gary & Donna There is not enough words for me to say... Love to the 2 of you!!! Most peaceful I have been in my life.
Love to both Barb (Phoenix, Az.)

Gary & Donna, Boy!!! What can I say!!! You expect a room to sleep in not an experience for a lifetime. Thank you for doing God's work.
Thanks again Frank Rich (Phoenix, Az.)

Thank you Gary & Donna, we had such a wonderful stay here at the lodge, it was like spending the weekend with family. We're off on our way back to Tn. but we will never
forget our stay & we will be sure to stop again if we get out this way... Godd bless you...
Marcis & Tammy Poynter (Mosheim, Tn.)

Gary & Donna, what a wonderful experience, can't tell you how much it was enjoyed. It is in my memory for ever. The video was a joy to watch.
Barb # 2 (Show Low, Az.)

Had a wonderful, relaxing time!!! Great room & hospitality. Gary & Donna are the perfect host & hostess. Great job & best wishes in your success...
Allan & D'rese Sutherland (Aztec, NM.)

I had never visited the Grand Mesa park before and was looking for a place close to it. Found this little place and stayed 4 days. Didn't know what it was like before but it is
very accommodating especially for the single traveler. It always helps a business to have personal oriented owners and this place certainly does. Continued success!!!
Bob Atkins (Warrenton, Va.)

Gary & Donna, we enjoyed our stayso much, relaxing & peaceful. Thanks for being so accommodating with our "mom" needs. I think she enjoyed the stay as well. We'll be
back to explore Grand mesa & area.
Bill & Judy Benson & Janet Gray

Had I great time, it was nice to meet both of you. You have done a great job on the place. See you next year!!!
David Lilly (Walnut Creek, Ca.)

Great room, wonderful people. I'd recommend this place to all!!!
Kerri L. Towne (Murfreesboro, Tn.)

Donna & Gary, Thanks again for a wonderful stay. I first came here in 2005 for the Serenity run and you have done amazing things to The Cedaredge Lodge. You made us feel
like family with your kindness & hospitality. Look forward to Serenity Run 2010!!!
Mark Gross (Pleasant Hill, California)

Great room, been here the last 5 years, This is a place to stay, and this is a place to bring the family and stay, LOVE IT!!! Great job. See you next year
Steve Forkins (Martinez, Ga.)

Thank you for your hospitality. You have a very beautiful place here. The improvements you have made is amazing. Thanks for everything.
The Kerns Family

Thanks for the great place. Memories of twenty years ago are even better to see how this place looks. I hope to visit again.
Phil L. Palm...
Phil, Donna & I would like to thank you sooooo very much for all your kind words, not to mention your total appreciation of what we have done in transforming our lodge...
Oh, and the $20 tip wasn't bad either!!! :-) Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts... Gary & Donna...

Had a great time, we will return!!!
Dave & Diane

Donna & Gary what a delightful little place you have created here! My son John & I stayed here last night & everything has been just perfect. It was a treat to be able to sit by
the creek & visit with the owners. It's not often the proprietors actually interact with their customers, and that kind of hospitality is what will bring us back again. It is so neat
to see good people realizing a dream & allowing others to share in it too. Keep up the good work & enjoy!!!
Laura Lee Hines & John Hines (Abilene, Texas)
P.S. We'll definitely spread the word about your little jewel to Denver & to Abilene, Texas!!!

Loved the place, we'll be back!!! Must use the back porch...

Donna & Gary, since you said that there has not been a negative comment in this notebook, I took it as a challenge to think of one. But... not a thing came to mind :-)
You guys are just too dang good. Thanks for all the glorious random pictures, stories, and campfires. It was a wonderful stay as usual and I look forward to laying in
that hammock again!!! Gary, I'll be sure to give you some credit when I go big time in soccer :-) Thanks for being Awesome!!!
Anna, Sarah & Paul Evans

Beautiful scenery, comfortable beds, owners were nice & hospitable. Thank you for accommodating us!!!

This place is so awesome. The owners are great people. Wish I could stay longer.
Shawn Dunn

Had a wonderful stay. I've never been so welcomed in my life. Great hospitality and an all around beautiful place.
Keith... P.S. Paranigma will never forget this place.

Gary & Donna, we love your place. Thanks for everything, the girls want to go swimming so we went downtown... Thanks again,
Rich, Gina, Savanna & Jasmin (Wisconsin)

Donna and Gary, Thank you so much for your kindness and attentivness. My husband and I, my parents and my brother and sister-in-law have been on the road on
the motorcycles for 3 full days so far, so the tranquility of the stream was great for our souls, and the hot tub was great for our behinds!!! :-) The offer / ability to use
your bar-b-que for dinner was a welcome relief as well, since we have been eating at restaurants every meal for the last 5 days for us (it took us 2 days to get to
Taos from Texas and 6 days for my parents (3 days from San Diego to Taos). To be able to eat a self prepared meal with such nice people and such a beautiful
atmosphere has really helped rejuvenate our bodies and spirits!!! I wish we could stop by here again on this trip, but unfortunately we can't. But I'm certain this will
be a central point for "HEIFER" # 2 next year!!! (Honest Effort In Finding Excellent Rides). We will definitely recommend you and your place to all our friends and
family!!! Thank you again, sincerely Cheryl, Keith, Jim, Lyn, John & Nicci (Ft. Worth, Tx., San Diego, Ca., Jordan, Ut.). P.S. Gary, don't forget 2002 Honda Shadow
Spirit 1100!!! It will keep a big smile on your face :-)

Gary & Donna I wish I could take you two home with me, you both are adoreable!!! This place is wonderful, can't wait to see it in 2010!!!
The Cummings Crew (Bill, Brenda, Chris, Charity, Brittany, Courtney, Casey, Logan, Brandon & Gabe) St. Louis, Missouri

Dear Dr. Pepper and Donna, you guys really know how to throw a hotel. I like being the trouble maker here. I hope I'll see you guys again, your friend the trouble maker
midget. Logan, P.S. I like pie!!!

Dear gary & Donna, This place is amazing!!! It's so peaceful and relaxing. You guys are such great people and I've really enjoyed staying here. If I ever come back to this
part of Colorado I know where I'm staying!!! :-) Hope to see you again...
Courtney aka. The Athlete

Dear Gary & Donna, It truly has been an amazing vacation meeting both of you. Your hotel is spectacular!!! Being completely honest with you, it's by "FAR" the best place
I've ever stayed... The rooms are nice, the enviorment is excellent, and you two just make it all the better!!! You guys are fun and talkative unlike most other owners. So,
wrapping this all up, it has been a pleasure meeting you guys, and hopefully this won't be the last time we see each other. Next time we're gonna have to remember to
sing our Carrie Underwood duet though!!! LOL (laugh out loud) in case you were wondering!!! Hahaha...
xoxoxox Casey aka Your future wife / pretty eyes/ Beauty Queen... (St. Louis, Missouri)

New owners have put so much love into this place it is palatable. We enjoyed the swing by the creek each morning with our coffee and the hammock was a fun plus.
Thank you for your hospitality, it made our stay with my daughter and her family much easier.
Sue & Dan

I can't believe how nice you two are!!! The moment we stepped onto this beautiful property we have felt like your friends, not your guests. Your old fashioned hospitality is
so warm and inviting. The rooms are so clean and beautifully furnished. We had so much fun playing music on the deck next to the flowing creek and talking, we also had
fun cooking in your very own kitchen!!! This trip has made us some very kindred memories and you two are to thank for that. Thanks for being our forever friends and
showing us a great time at Cedaredge. We love you guys!!!
Bryce, Beth Taylor & Smith (Utah)

We really enjoyed our stay here. This is a really nice place you have. We look forward to seeing it in the future. Thanks.
The Watters Family

Gary & Donna we really enjoyed our time here and look forward to our return... Thanks.
Dana & Shane

What a find!!! A terrific hideaway!!! Very cozy warm atmosphere, the perfect place to spend the night!!!

Great place. Love the views & the owners are terrific. They put cheery back on the map again!!!
The Howland Family (California)

Having a good time in Cedaredge. Came here to a Cunningham family reunion and stayed at the lodge. It’s a nice quiet place. Really enjoyed your hospitality. Would not
have had a better time anywhere else.
Mark Goodman (Naples, Fl.)
Thank you Mark, we’re glad that you found your way to us… The next time you come to Cedaredge we’ll do more Brats, beer & marshmallows by the campfire, what a nice
time had by all!!! Gary…

Such wonderful hospitality, not only for us, but for our entire family reunion group!!! The cook-out on the patio was perfect, and the soothing sounds of the creek at night
brought everything to a cozy close. Thanks so much!!!
Dave & Brenda Beebe

Thank you so much for the wonderful quiet peaceful room. Your hospitality was a great gift for us. We feel that we have made some good friends here in Cedaredge.
We really can't wait to get the house started and for our move into town. Keep in touch... You guys are doing great with the place.
Rachel & Bruce Paschall & Katie (St. Louis, Missouri)

Donna & Gary, You two have brought a new “edge” to Cedaredge!!! Krys, Sharon & Jeff – Aspen, Co / Dequine, Co.
You two blew us away! Krys & I felt like royalty!!! Hot tub “n” wine, bountiful food, friendly neighbors, pot luck, conversation by the fire, we will tell all our friends about you!!!
DeQueen & DePrincess…
WOW, WHAT A FOOD FEST!!! An absolute “riot” to have here… Beautiful sunset in the hot tub, drinking wine & eating popcorn, talk about living!!! Oh yeah!!! Thank you both
for the fun, the laughter & the $20.00 as well… WE LOVE YOU TWO!!!
Gary & Donna…

Jim Cox

Thanks for the cozy room. Really had a good nighs sleep and certainly enjoyed our stay!!!
Sandra & Rob

Thank you for sharing your beautiful backyard with us!!!
Richard & Janice (Houston, Tx.)

I do have to say I am caught up on my sleep. This was a very relaxing week for me. Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and great customer service from both
of you. You're wonderful...
Mary & Doug

Gary & Donna, Once again we found ourselves in dire need of a room on a holiday weekend.  This was the first place we called as we have in the past. What a lovely surprise
to find the new remodled rooms & grounds. It’s beautiful… Sincerely. Thank you so much for the room & your hospitality. We wish you all the very best with this venture & look
forward to seeing what else you’ve done next time. We will be back!!! Best wishes,
Blake & Marisa Anderson (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Thank you Blake & Marisa for the kind words and for noticing the efforts Donna & I have put into making our lodge as good as it can be!!! We’re certainly not done, but we feel
our direction is pretty clear… With guests like you and Blake it makes our goals much easier to accomplish!!! Gary & Donna
P.S. The $10 tip surprise doesn’t hurt either…

So nice we've stayed here twice!!! LOL!!! Thanks for the accomodations. We got to sample two of the renovated rooms!!! We do wish you well & will definitely be back when in town.
If you want to look me up on Facebook it's... ITZMEMGA@YAHOO.COM (Marissa)
Blake & Marissa Anderson (Indianapolis, In.) P.S. Enjoy the jelly, we love Eire Mountain. Your other surprise will come in a month or two!!! Thanks again...

This is the fourth time I have been here, the third time in this room. What a great surprise. Love all over again – you have done wonders with the place. Love the swing out back
and cannot wait to come back. Thank you soooooo much from my cousin & me – Hope to see you next year.
Love Marianne & Barbara (Sierra, Ca.)
Hello Marianne & Barbara, Thank you both for your fourth visit!!! Donna & I look forward to your fifth visit next year… By then you’ll really be surprised at the changes!!! Also, we’d
like to thank you both for the $10 tip left in appreciation. It really makes us feel we are doing things the right way, and as they should be done!!! J Gary & Donna…

Great job, great attitude. I hope you are successful in your business. Love the stream and treehouse for our daughter.
The Carpenter Family

Thanks for a lovely place to stay. We enjoyed our visit.
Dan & Shirley Bohert

Donna & Gary,
You have put your touch and personality to the “Cedaredge Lodge” and made it a very quaint, rustic, clean, comfortable & warm place to be!!! Great job! It was so nice to sleep
with the window open & the soothing sound of the running water! What a beautiful setting! Many years… Many blessings here,
Dennis & Terri Baron (New Port Richey, Fl.)
Terri & Dennis, THANK- YOU, THANK- YOU, THANK-YOU… Words cannot express all that Donna & I feel for what you two have meant to us!!! We certainly could & would not be
where we are had it not been for you two… Donna & I have been so blessed & fortunate to have you two in our lives!!! WE “LOVE” YOU BOTH WITH ALL OUR HEART!!! Donna &
I know how tight $$$ is for most people (us included), so for you to leave this $20 means so much to us, especially during these tough $$$ times!!! We will honor this gift as it
should be… Again, we love you dearly!!! Gary & Donna Allen 2009

Donna never forgot that my dream of riding a buffalo began with our conversation on the porch. I will send you pictures, thanks for the hospitality.
Will Holley (Tennessee) “Ice cream rocks!!!
Hey Will, the wife remembers EVERYTHING, believe me!!! :-)

The first time we were at the lodge was 20 years ago. My sons were 10 and 14 then. We had ice cream cones and walked around looking at all the beautiful scenery, creek and
mountains in the background. “WE LOVE CEDAREDGE LODGE”!!!
Jennifer Holley (Tennessee)
Thank you Jennifer, you and the “boys” (grown men) were our first guests to test out our newly constructed deck along with the sofa & loveseat… Nothings better than a beautiful
sunset and a frosty “COLD” one, nice!!! What a deck, what a view, what a sunset!!! Gary…

Thank you so much for making our stay special. We really enjoyed grilling out with you under the stars & around the creek... We will definitely come again next time we're in the area...
See you on Facebook!!!
Stacy & Paul (Denver, Co.)
Stacy, thank you for that quick computer lesson & internet trick... You two were very, very helpful to Donna & I... We can't wait til your first batch of "Hard" cider is ready for testing!!! :-)
Gary & Donna...

We enjoyed our stay, loved the lodge and loved visiting with both Donna & Gary. You folks have worked hard and it shows. We will be back and hopefully can spend more time.
Brian & Jackie (McLeod, N.D.)
Donna & I look forward to your next visit, we’ll leave the light on for you two!!! Gary…

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality. The dogs & I had a wonderful time. We hope to be back next year for the Hotchkiss Sheep Competition.

We are so ththankful that we found Cedaredge Lodge and met Donna & Gary, what a delight they are. They made our stay so special. We enjoyed eating breakfast on their lovely
patio and their wonderful help carrying our food for us. We loved their tree-house and swing. We want to thank them for their super hospitality!!!
The 49’ers
Charleen Yates ( Pueblo, Co.)
Martha Hayes (Pueblo, Co.)
Pat Martin ( Arvada, Co.)
P.S. Dear Donna & Gary, Good luck on your open house!!! We had a “great” time!!! We love ya… Charlene, Martha & Pat…
:-) AWE, you ladies made our day!!! And a very special “THANK YOU” for making Donna feel soooooooo at home and alive, she absolutely loved making your stay a pleasant &
unforgettable experience… You all brought her to tears with your story of friendship & togetherness for over 50 years, WOW!!! The next time you’re here we have something very
special planned for you ladies… Thank you all for joining us for “popcorn & a movie” as well as the very, very gratious $50.00 thank you surprise left behind… It was truly our
pleasure!!! Love Gary & Donna…

Although staying at the lodge wasn’t our intent when we first arrived, what a wonderful turn of events it has been!!! The swift attention and warm welcome from Donna & Gary
has enhanced our visit to Cedaredge!!! The changes to what I had come to know as the “Yellow Lodge” has been transformed into an amazing little getaway. And now that we
have stayed here once we will not be staying anywhere else when we return!!! So thank you Donna, Gary & George for all that you’ve done. We can’t wait to visit you all again!!!
May your lives be blessed with much success and with your adventures bring many friends!!!
Melissa, Alexis & Brenna
(Colorado Springs, Co.)
Wow!!! Melissa you humble us with your heartfelt words… Donna & I were extremely pleased that your sister referred you to us… And believe me it was truly our pleasure to
have you and your Cedaredge family spend some time with us!!! I’m not sure who enjoyed who more. We absolutely “LOVED” the girls, I especially liked my flower which was
so fitting for my construction attire!!! :-) I still can’t tell which twin is which… So which one actually put the flower in my hair???

I’ll cherish that photo forever!!! Besides, it made me look so “CUTE”… About the $25.00 tip, Thank you very much Melissa for such a wonderful surprise gift!!! Donna & I will see
you “ALL” in August. How about a nice creekside cook-out for you and your family when you all return??? :-) Gary...

It’s nice to have met you guys. Thank you for making this my temporary home. I’ll always be thankful for everything you have done!!!
Walt “Baby Love” ( West Virginia)
Walt Baby Love, who loves you man??? Let me know anytime you’re ready for more grilled buffalo wings “NOT SPICY” I’m ready!!! :-) Gary…

My husband, daughter & I have resided in Cedaredge for the last 5 years, and prior to moving back to the eastern slope of Co. decided to stay here for our final night. We absolutely
LOVE the rooms and after a long loading a moving truck the hot tub was DIVINE!!! J Gary & Donna were delightful and made our stay very pleasant. We will be back on a regular
basis when we come to check on our house here… We have loved living in Cedaredge & Gary & Donna are a prime example of why… We wish them great success and many years
of bliss up here in such a peaceful little town, the epitome of laid back mountain towns J See ya’ll soon!!! J
Erika, Bill & Sammi Jo Stratton
Hello Erika & Bill, Donna & I would like to thank you both for such nice words!!! We too look forward to your next trip through… Besides, you have to come back to sell us your property!!! :-)
We still want to see it!!! Gary & Donna…

We very much enjoyed our stay here, Marilea loved the treehouse, I enjoyed falling asleep to the sounds of the creek and ella loved being in the creek!!!
The Dana Family (Boulder, Co.)

Back again for the umpteenth time – always a great place to stay for XC sking on the Mesa. Donna & Gary are doing such a wonderful job & paying attention to details. The hot tub and robes are such a luxury J… Good luck deciding about the door colors, will look forward to seeing the final decision next time we’re here…
Karen & Joe
(Durango, Co.)
Thank you Karen & Joe for the kind words and the $20.00 surprise!!! It really affirms in my & Donna’s hearts that what we’re doing here at the lodge and the way we really and truly are on the inside does shine through, and is felt by all that chooses to drop by and stay awhile… It’s who we are and I hope it continues to bring more people like you two in our lives!!! Thank you both again, Gary & Donna…

Anna, Andrea & Emily
The three of us traveled to Colorado from SLC Utah for a fun weekend vacation. We chose Cedaredge in large part because of the proximity to Grand Mesa and this lodge. We looked on-line and fell in love. And what a good choice!!! Cedaredge is a sweet little place – and we loved visiting the winery, distillery, chocolate place… We all send a big thank you to Donna, who has been so kind and helpful. This lodge is a little gem, The rooms are cozy and the hot tub was a treat.
Thank you ladies for allowing us the opportunity to host your weekend vacation. It makes us feel good when others feel like we do about the Lodge and the Mesa!!! Gary & I look forward to seeing you all on your next trip!!! We’ll be waiting!!! J Donna & Gary…

Thanks once again for everything... See you next month!!!
Susan (Denver, Co.)

Our stay was great, Gary and Donna made us so welcome and were so kind. We enjoyed meeting 2 friends and had a relaxing dinner, and the room was so nice and clean and comfortable to stay in. We can’t wait to come back and hate to leave…
Doug, Tina & Lydia (Mesa, Arizona)
This is a vwery warm and AWE!!!  Donna & I feel exactly the same!!! Thank you Doug, Tina & Lydia for a great time cooking out, talking, learning, laughing and lets not forget the wine, the tea and those delicious oranges that you so thoughtfully brought to us all the way from Arizona!!! NICE!!! By the way you three were our very first tippers, $20.00 AWE!!! :-) Love Gary & Donna… P.S. When are you all coming back???

As always you guys are great!!! The remodeled rooms are waesome!!! We'll see you in a couple weeks...
Susan (Denver, Co.)

Thank you for the great room and hospitality during our stay. This is a very warm homey place to stay. Rooms are beautiful, the fireplace makes it romantic also, and does keep us warm. Gary & Donna are great people and you will prosper well in this new adventure. Thank you again for the wonderful home cooked breakfast before we left.
Lisa Leake (Colville, Wa.)

Thanks Gary & Donna for all you've done for us. We came down from Washington State to haul logs and the highlight of our trip was our stay at the Cedaredge Lodge and watching Gary & Donna remodel their new lodge. Their the nicest people we've met in Colorado. Good luck & I hope everything works out for the best...
Terry Leake (Colville, Wa.)

I love this place!!! You guys make me feel like I'm at home and keep me happy!!! :-) The rooms are amazing, the beds are so comfortable, the comforter is beautiful, it's really cute, and the fireplace is nice especially when you have a mom like mine. Your bird George is soooooo cute and makes some loud cute noises. I love the way you set up your house!!! All the animal rugs are so cool!!! I want my house to be like it!!! I'm really sad I'm leaving because you guys are soooo cool and I don't want to go back to school. Thank you for everything and I hope to see you again soon!!! T wish you guys the best and George!!! :-)
Baileigh Leake (Colville, Wa.)

The rooms were great to stay in for the 3 weeks we were here hauling logs, the beds were comfortable & the kitchens were great!!! I’ve never felt more at home this far from home as I did here. Thank you for everything.
Mitch Hammons (Colville, Wa.)
Hey Mitch, no thank you very much for allowing us the opportunity to make you feel at home. You all were a joy to have around, and "handy" too!!! :-) Chris & John will know what i mean by that!!! :-) Gary

I traveled to Colorado from Washington State to work for the past month, I encountered many adversities due to the harsh working enviorment, and economy, but was lucky enough by the grace of God to find Gary & Donna here at Cedaredge Lodge, they have gone out of their way to make my stay as wonderful as possible, and they very much did. The highlight of my day after working 18 hours a day was returning to the lodge where they treated me like family. I have traveled this country from end to end and have yet to meet any finer people than Gary & Donna. I hope to stay in touch with them and wish them a long and fruitful life together, now I have two new friends in them. Thank you very much.
Chris Jones
Pacific Trucking & Exc.
(Colville, Wa.)
Chris, all I Can say is DAMN!!! Thank you sooooooo very much for the touching words, the wonderful gifts and especially our “CEDAREDGE LODGE” that you hand carved for us from the lumber from your property!!! You have no idea how special that gift was to us!!! People come into our lives for a reason and you sure had an impact in ours, THANK YOU CHRIS, THANK YOU!!! Gary & Donna Allen…

Thanks so much for the hospitality. The room was warm & inviting after a stressful day. We will always stay here when we come to visit our mom. Thanks...
Dave & Jody Owens (Hamilton, Co.)

Thanks for the comfortable opportunity to stay in a nice clean room. The event in our family was stressful to a traveler. You guys are special to our family.
Duane Weisback
And so were you Duane!!! Gary…

My two sisters and I traveled all the way to Cedaredge from Columbus, Ohio and Los Angeles, Ca. for our grandpas funeral. The room was very nice and warm. This is such a beautiful little town and even though we were here under sad circumstances we enjoyed our stay very much. Thank you!!!
Thank you girls very much for allowing us to be a small part of your families lives… Gary & Donna

Thank you, so much for a very nice and homely stay, hot tub is a plus, look forward to seeing you in March.
Thanks Jay, Michelle & Donny (Denver, Co.)
You’re so welcome, we thought you’d like that hot tub experience!!! Gary…

I stayed Sat. nite while doing the timing at the Rocky Mt. sled dog races Sat and Sun. up on the Grand Mesa. The location was perfect for my activitieson the Mesa. And I had everything I needed, including a kitchen.
Russ Metzgers (Ouray, Co.)
Thank you Russ, for choosing to stay with us, Donna mentioned that she also had a great time working with the sled dogs up there!!! We hope to see you next year!!! Gary…

Thanks guys the room was great. Sorry about the noise of the trucks starting up. You guys are great people.
Chance (Colville, Washington)
Hey Chance, WHAT NOISE??? :-) Gary…

AWESOME!!! Love the apartment feel, the raging stream, the complimentary chocolates!!! And the view of deer grazing in the field!!! :-) Best of luck in your new "adventure"... We will definitely be back...
Karen & Joe (Durango, Co.)

Stayed here and had a great stay. Gary & Donna stopped at nothing to make the stay nicer. They through a super bowl party and invited all guests to come. Good people, God bless...
Gerald Phillips (California)

Donna, thank you for being so attentive to our needs. The room was very clean and comfortable. You guys are doing a great job.
Kristen (Denver, Co.)
P.S. Remember to fix the hot tub it’s a great addition to the motel.
Thank you Kristen, it’s all fixed and waiting for you!!! :-) Gary…







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